Brivium - Indium 1.5.0

Indium is the new simple super sexy style that you want to purchase.

  1. Brivium
    Giấy phép:
    StandardStandard LifetimeProfessionalProfessional Lifetime
    Giấy phép sử dụng01 tên miền01 tên miềnKhông giới hạnKhông giới hạn
    Thời gian cập nhật / hỗ trợ01 nămVĩnh viễn01 nămVĩnh viễn
    Giá700.000 Xu1.400.000 Xu2.100.00 Xu5.400.000 Xu
    Requirements (yêu cầu):
    Sau khi mua tại VXF, vui lòng đăng ký tài khoản tại và gửi tin nhắn bao gồm tên username của bạn để Brivium kích hoạt bản quyền cho bạn.
    Indium is a new simple super sexy style that we have created. If you are in love with plat design style and the complexity is your enemy, this is the style for you.

    Based on “Super simple” principle, this style is called by the name of Indium element in the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements and it is “painted” by elegant blue color and white milk background. The navigation bar and the customization control panel are in the same taskbar. It will help the users to control the best all things happened in your screen without switching time by time.

    Indium element seems being popular in daily life with many applications and this style will bring to you the same experience with that.

    Pick up it today! Click on the Purchase button to own this sexy style!


    1. 01_permission.png
    2. 02_style_properties.png
    3. 03_brivium_extra.png
    4. 04_stylium_general_propeties.png
    5. 05_stylium_styler_propeties.png
    6. 06_stylium_header_propeties.png
    7. 07_stylium_nodes_propeties.png
    8. 08_stylium_sidebar_propeties.png
    9. 09_stylium_footer_propeties.png
    10. 10_stylium_social_propeties.png
    11. 11_stylium_setting_propeties.png
    12. 12_thread_view.png
    13. 13_tablet_view.png
    14. 14_mobile_view.png
    15. 19_example_layout_5.png
    16. 20_example_layout_6.png
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