RM 1.1 Watching Resource Categories, Anonymous Reviews, and More...

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    The Resource Manager 1.1 update will soon be running here on XenForo.com with a public beta release to follow after further testing. But before that, let's talk about a few more of the new features coming.

    Watching Resource Categories

    Similar to watching a forum in XenForo 1.1, you can now watch a whole resource category:


    Anonymous Reviews

    Administrators can now choose to allow users to leave anonymous reviews. Anonymous reviews are still associated with the user leaving the review (to prevent duplicate reviews and to maintain accountability). However, only users with permission to bypass user privacy will be able to see who left the review.


    In this example I can see that "test" left the review because I have permission. Otherwise the username does not show up.

    Resources Posted Criteria

    You can now specify a minimum number of resources posted in criteria for notices, promotions, etc:


    Notable Members Integration

    There is now a new tab on the notable members list to list the users that have posted the most resources.

    Bulk Email Unsubscribe

    The Resource Manager now uses the new bulk email unsubscription tools to allow users to stop receiving alerts for a particular resource (or all emails) directly from a link in the alert email, without having to login.

    Resource and Review Warnings

    Moderators can now directly leave warnings for resources, resource updates, and resource reviews (rather than having to warn the user themselves).

    Further XF 1.2 Integrations

    This includes:
    • Draft support
    • Use of code event listener hints
    • Template modifications rather than template hooks
    These follow on changes that are in the current RM release to support adjusted BB code parser creation and responsive style support.

    Look out for these changes to be running here soon, which means a public release isn't that far off!
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    Bác nào cho xin cái bảng thống kê diễn đàn Xenforo đẹp đẹp với, hihihihi

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    Thanks bro
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