RM 1.1 Resource Category Permissions and Prefixes

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    We continue our XenForo Resource Manager 1.1 feature showcase with 2 more commonly requested features. These may not be ground breaking, but they will significantly expand the flexibility of the Resource Manager and open up more possibilities for using it.

    Resource Category Permissions

    I'm not sure what to show here exactly as you can probably guess what this looks like. :)

    If you are familiar with node permissions, you'll understand this straight away. In the current release of the RM, permissions can only be specified at the "global" level (user groups or per user). Individual resource categories cannot have any separate permissions, except by setting the Allow resources to be created by... option.

    Now, every permission can be managed per category. As you would expect, the normal inherit/allow/revoke/never system is available. Unless a permission is overridden, top-level categories will inherit from the global level and child categories will inherit from their parent. Also like nodes, resource categories can be marked as private so people will only be allowed to view the category (and children) if explicitly given permission.


    Resource Prefixes

    Like threads, resources can now have prefixes. Prefixes can be used for various reasons such as sub-categorization or to tag resources as being relevant to/compatible with particular software.


    You'll see that this is rather similar to thread prefixes. You can control the categories where prefixes apply and which user groups can set them.

    Prefixes are displayed on resources like on threads. You can see the various example styles in the above screenshot, though you can also specify custom styling.

    To account for prefixes (and a few other things), filtering on the resource list has been moved to a popup menu:


    When you have selected a filter, it will be indicated above the list:

    ss-2013-09-27_13-30-17 ss-2013-09-27_13-27-55 ss-2013-09-27_13-22-33 ss-2013-09-27_13-18-49
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