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    It is indispensable to set up marketing and advertisement strategy for a company to reach their sales target. However, getting the best result based on the advertising budget is definitely a challenge. SEO (Search Engine Optimization), especially SEO in Singapore has been trending advertising solution for Singaporean companies with desire of reaching their target customers without spending too much on traditional marketing and advertising tool.

    The Fact of SEO in Singapore

    “Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of improving and promoting a website in order to increase the number of visitors the site receives from search engines. There are many aspects to SEO , from the words on your pages to the way other site links to you on the web. Sometimes SEO is simply a matter of making sure your site is structured in a way that search engine understand.” (According to

    SEO is the service that attracts many companies and corporation in this country invest due to the need of promoting their product and exploiting their potential customers who use internet on a regular basis. This is also the target of many SEO companies in Singapore aim at to develop such a effective online marketing tool. Top 10 SEO companies in Singapore in 2014 reached their revenue of approximately more than 1 million SGD with client retention rate ranging from 85% to 98% (according to “Best SEO Companies and Firms in Singapore – April 2014” , Top SEOs )

    How it works


    There are 7 steps for SEO to work out:
    Step 1: Web Analysis

    Data will be gathered for existing traffic analysis, rankings and best landing pages. Then, there will be research on competitors to get targeted keywords, best performing pages and blacklinks.

    Step 2: Keyword Research

    Brainstorming the keyword ideas is very important to get MDK keywords, social mentions and trends. Also, keywords are ranked by webmaster tools or manual checking to collect data.

    Step 3: On-site optimization

    This is how the content and website architecture illustrated via internal linking and URL structure. On this phase, the best keywords should be targeted and matched to appropriate content. SEO companies in Singapore make the best use of their ideas and creativity to build up content to specific keyword clusters, which proves to be efficient in reaching the most concern of individual readers, web surfers as well as on business purpose.

    Step 4: Content Optimization (such as: Adjusting the Title, Tags, Keywords, converting meta description or internal linking, etc)
    Step 5: Building Links
    Step 6: Analysis and Evaluation
    Step 7: Online Reputation management

    Why does a Singapore SEO Company remain essential to entrepreneurial development?


    With that being said at the beginning of the article, in order to market Singapore business, entrepreneurs always look for cost effective. SEO is one of the best solutions to providing cost saving yet effective to ensure profit on an investment.

    For the sake being mentioned, SEO agency or Singapore SEO Company manage to secure the traffic to customer’s website hence increase the sales resulted from the flow of output. SEO in Singapore is no longer strange to business operation and marketing campaign, not only for searching optimization but also analysis solution in terms of the number of visitors to websites, their interest as well as ways to improve its approachability.

    The Utility and Cost Saving

    SEO utilize all available online social network resources without raising any further cost except for cost for the service package.


    Knowing that clients always want to cut the cost for online marketing to the minimum, SEO companies in Singapore try to stay engaged to the SEO process in order to reduce research time and effort, such as reaching valuable and on point keywords, creative and unique content, grasping business partners for links , etc. In addition, they take advantage of social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) for the approach of world-wide users. Thus, the marketing target will expand outside Singapore. This results in the connection of millions of potential customers all over the world and brings the most effective way to advertise yet still affordable.

    If you are looking for the best SEO Company in Singaporeto assist you with any SEO needs, simply reach us at +65 6659 2659!

    Source: References from reliable websites.

    - Source: Advertisement on a budget in Singapore

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