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    First, welcome to XenForo 1.3. As the first step to releasing a beta, we are running it here on XenForo.com. Once we are happy with the state of it, we will release a beta to all customers with active licenses.

    So with that, we're going to look at some more assorted improvements coming in 1.3. While we expect this to be the last Have You Seen for 1.3, over time, you may discover some other changes and tweaks that we haven't explicitly mentioned here.


    All IP logging and management systems have been adjusted to support IPv4 and IPv6. This includes IPs logged with posts and other content, other logs, banned/discouraged IPs, sessions, and more.

    For developers, provided you are logging IPs using the standard interfaces (XenForo_Model_Ip), you won't need to change anything to support IPv6. If you have custom logs, you will need to change the structure of your IP field and use the new helper systems to convert the IP to/from the correct format.

    Partial IP Searching

    Previously, when searching for users based on IP address in the control panel, searches could only be done on a full IP address. You can now search on partial IPs, entered in one of several formats (192.168.*,, or 2001:Db8::/32).

    Profile Post Comment Permissions

    Previously, the permission to comment on profile posts was tied to being able to submit a new profile post. There is now a distinct permission to control this.

    Style Export: Add-on Selection and Independence


    There are now several options when exporting a style.

    First, you can export only the templates associated with a specific add-on. When imported, only the templates associated with this add-on will be overwritten. This gives designers the ability to export their style in multiple parts, such as for the core of XenForo and the Resource Manager separately. People can then import the parts individually or the parts can be updated independently if desired.

    Second, you now have the option to export a style as "independent". Previously, if you exported a child style, it would only include modifications specifically in that style, not any parent styles. If you choose to do an "independent" export, all of those parent modifications will be included. This allows any style to be exported in a single self contained unit.

    Profile Post and Comment Tagging

    User tagging is now supported in profile posts and comments. To the end user making a post, the syntax is the same (@Mike) and auto suggest is supported. This will be modified to the parseable format automatically and alerts will be sent if necessary.

    Spam Trigger Log

    XF 1.2 introduced spam management tools that could cause content to be moderated or blocked entirely. Unfortunately, it was sometimes unclear how frequently these options were being triggered. Similarly, in some cases, it wasn't immediately obvious why the options were triggered.

    XF 1.3 adds the spam trigger log to help resolve this. This has several parts:
    • A general log view in the control panel. This allows you to get an overview of each time content (or a registration) has tripped the spam tools and why, along with full information in the request to help determine if it was tripped correctly.
    • When viewing the list of users awaiting approval, if they were put there from an anti-spam option, this will now be displayed with additional information (if available).

    Conversation Receive Permission

    Previously, there was no explicit way to prevent a person from receiving a new conversation. XF 1.3 adds a new "receive conversations" permission to compliment the "start conversations" option. Note that automated conversation messages (such as warnings) will still be sent, and moderators with the "bypass user privacy" permission will sill be able to start conversations with these users. Once a conversation has been started with a user, they will always be able to reply and work with the conversation.

    Additional Indexing for Performance

    Finally, XF 1.3 adds a number of indexes to cover some less common cases. A number of tables have gained indexes on user_id fields; these help with user renames, deletes, and merges. Some of the larger tables have received indexes on post_date fields to help statistic generation; these indexes may also help some existing add-ons be significantly more efficient (finding most recently created threads or posts, for example).

    We look forward to releasing the first beta of 1.3 to customers. We are pushing to make this happen as soon as we can. In the meantime, please experiment with 1.3 here on XenForo.com and report any bugs or inconsistencies you see.
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    Mới đây mà có 1.3 rồi, khi nào mới có bản nulled nhỉ ? Ko biết bản 1.3 này các add-on 1.2 có dùng được ko nhỉ ?
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