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    This directory works via a specified Forum (existing or new)
    You can choose to hide this forum if you wish (so that the directory is just selectable from the Nav Bar)
    You can also choose this forum to be moderated (so that directory listings are moderated)

    - Allows users to add a location => Google Map
    - Allows Users to add their own site links (1 Main and 3 deep)
    - Works via a specified Forum, so admins can moderate submissions (untested)
    - Can completely redefine the Directory Nodes using the ACP
    - Comes with a default Business Directory Node set up
    - Users can set listings to "claimable"
    - Users can respond to the Directory Listing and give reviews (/reply to thread)
    - Support multiple categories per listing (up to 5)
    - The directory can go up to 5 categories deep
    USA >> Texas >> Oklahoma >> Cities >> Pubs and Bars

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