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    Today, we're ready to start talking about some of the features that will be coming in version 1.1 of the XenForo Resource Manager add-on. This version will be more evolutionary and focuses on adding some of the most popular RM feature requests.

    Let's start with custom fields...

    The custom fields you'll find in RM 1.1 are similar to the custom user fields already in XenForo. If you know how to setup those fields, you'll understand how to setup RM custom fields. I'm not going to cover the features in custom resource fields that are part of custom user fields (such as making a field required or the value display HTML).
    Display Locations

    Custom resource fields can be displayed in 4 different locations:
    1. Above the resource description
    2. Below the resource description
    3. In the "Extra Info" tab
    4. In its own tab
    Within each group you can set a display order. The group and the order will affect where the fields are displayed on the resource create/edit form.

    Field Types

    Resource fields can be all the standard types:
    1. Single and multi-line text boxes
    2. Single selection radios or drop downs
    3. Multi-selection check boxes or drop downs
    However, there is a new option: rich text boxes. Rich text boxes get the full editor and support BB code as you'd expect. This will generally be combined with placing the field in it's own tab. For example, you could create a "FAQ" field that's a rich text box and put it into its own tab.

    Category Limits

    As you would expect, different custom fields can be specified per resource category. I'm not sure what else to say about this.

    When Viewing a Resource

    Here's what you might see when viewing a resource:


    You can see the fields above (location 1) and below (location 2) the description, as well as the "Extra Info" tab (location 3). There is a field called "FAQ" set to be in its own tab (location 4).

    Obviously this is still in development, so expect some tweaks over time.

    Keep an eye out in this forum as we announce more of the new features coming in RM 1.1!
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