1.3 EXIF Rotation, ACP Searching, Proxying and Change Logging

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    Here are a handful of new 1.3 features neatly packaged up into a single video for your viewing entertainment...

    Update, Jan 15 - Case Sensitivity 101

    There have been various questions about what case sensitive searching means in the video...

    In a nutshell, without case sensitivity, searching for 'Foo' would return all results containing any combination of uppercase and lowercase letters spelling 'foo', such as 'foo', 'fOo', 'foO' and 'Foo'.

    However, with case sensitivity enabled, searching for 'Foo' would only return results that contain exactly 'Foo', while other combinations of uppercase and lowercase letters would be ignored.
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    1.3 nhiều cái hay wá, hóng thôi ^^
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