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    Sau khi mua tại VXF, vui lòng đăng ký tài khoản tại và gửi tin nhắn bao gồm tên username của bạn để Brivium kích hoạt bản quyền cho bạn.
    At the time you were going out for vacation or holiday, you still want to work far from your station? You are managing all the content that will be posted on the site in the next month and unfortunately you couldn’t do it in that time?

    This add-on will help you out of that situation. By a very simple step, you can set up time for your post/thread like an alarm clock. It will create a tool inside a post/thread, as a timer setting. It means that someone could create a thread/post, but it will stay invisible to other users and it just will only be released for the visible condition at the setting time.

    To use this add-on, you only need to create a thread/post like normal, then you could set the time you want the post displays. You could even set time for the amount of posts/threads before months. By doing this, the administrator could reduce their time for works and take the available period for other things.


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