Brivium - Molybdenum 1.5.0

Molybdenum Style - A stylish, interactive, heart-touching style if you want tune your day.

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    Giá700.000 Xu1.400.000 Xu2.100.00 Xu5.400.000 Xu
    Requirements (yêu cầu):
    Sau khi mua tại VXF, vui lòng đăng ký tài khoản tại và gửi tin nhắn bao gồm tên username của bạn để Brivium kích hoạt bản quyền cho bạn.

    Molybdenum is created with 2 main colors: Brown and yellow. Brown and Yellow fit together like the stones in the same house, like bitter tast of a brown chocolate bar and sweetness of a yellow butter. It’s the inserapable blending. And what does “Molybdenum element” do between this melody. The nature of the mixing needs some instructions. And Molybdenum Style is what you are looking for at a tune. Under the name of a chemical element, the original of that is from Neo-Latin Molybdaenum, from Ancient Greek “molybdos”, meaning lead.



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